Helping Global Corporations Retain Millions of Loyal Customers

Aprosoft has been engaged by one of the leading agencies providing loyalty and rewards programs for global corporations. Since April 2011, Aprosoft’s software engineers have been working on developing, customizing and maintaining the rewards management systems for top global brands in business domains spanning from financial services, retail, oil & gas, logistics and hospitality. The complex business rules are implemented by Aprosoft into the customer facing systems that are relied upon by millions of end-users every day. This requires a strong partnership between Aprosoft and its customer’s team, with joint development responsibility between onshore and offshore teams.

The development environment for this engagement is a complex, with implementations using .NET, Java, and Oracle with the latest frameworks and development techniques. Daily SCRUM meetings are the norm between the onshore and offshore teams, with real-time communications using audio conferences, IM and email. In many case, the offshore team members are tasked with the system deployments and post implementation support. With the strong retention rates of Aprosoft associates, the customer has gained tremendous productivity enhancements since 2011 and the results are exceptional.

You can read more about this engagement in the case study